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ABRC-01C - Inverter board - ABB - Song Thành Công Việt Nam


Allen Bradley Vietnam

Model: 1756-CNB

Allen Bradley Vietnam

Model: 1764-24BWA

62194177-MicroLogix 1500 24 Point Controller

Noted: Discontinued, only 90% new

Allen Bradley Vietnam

Model: 1769-IF4XOF2

62194181-CompactLogix 6 Pt A/I and A/O Module

Allen Bradley Vietnam

Model: 1756-PB72/C

Allen Bradley Vietnam

Model: 1756-L71

Allen Bradley Vietnam

Model: 1756-ENBT

Allen Bradley Vietnam

Model: 1756-IF16

Allen Bradley Vietnam

Model: 1756-OF8

Allen Bradley Vietnam

Model: 1756-IB161

Allen Bradley Vietnam

Model: 1756-OW161

Anritsu Vietnam

Model: HHT-53K-03-TC1-ASP


Anritsu Vietnam

Model: HHT-53K-05-TC1-ASP


Vaisala Vietnam

Correct code: HMT330 3E0A021XBAC100A01AACAA1

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter ; Transmitter type: HMT333 for general use ; Probe cables: 2M; No additional Temperature Probe ; Calculations: Code RH+T, No Display

Power supply: Universal AC-Power (100...240VAC)

Signal output: Analog Output 4...20mA

Analog output signals for Ch1: Temperature Range -40...+80C

Analog output signals for Ch2: 0...100%RH

No Analog output signals for Ch3 ; Output units: Metric Units

No Option for module slot 1, slot 2

Cable bushings: Sealed Cable Gland M20x1.5

No Transmitter installation

Humidity sensor: General purpose HUMICAP180

Sensor protection: PPS Grid with Steel Netting

No Installation kit for probe ; User´s Guide HMT330 German

No PC Accessories ;No Calibration Contract ISO9001 Calibration

VEGA Vietnam

Correct Code: PS68.XXK1O4HAMXK

Emerson Vietnam

Model: MP90

Main Board of MP1850A4-700KW

SICK Vietnam

Code: 1027603


SICK Vietnam

Code: 1075436


SICK Vietnam

Code: 6022766


SICK Vietnam

Code: 6022774


Parker Vietnam



590 Series Regen Digital Drive



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