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Art No 0049455 - 0050981 - cong-tac-khoa-dien-an-toan-dold-song-thanh-cong-viet-nam-power-interlocking-switching-off-with-safety-Load-isolator-with-interlock


Dold VietNam

KU 4090

Dold VietNam

KU 4088

Dold VietNam

KU 4089

Dold VietNam

KU 4090

Dold VietNam

KU 4061

Dold VietNam

KU 4186

Dold VietNam

Enclosure series KU 4100

Dold VietNam

Enclosure series KU 4500

Dold VietNam


DOLD Vietnam

Art number: 0056618

DOLD Vietnam

Art number: 0018638

DOLD Vietnam

Article number: 0009283

DOLD Vietnam

Article number: 0033085

DOLD Vietnam

Article number: 0033085

DOLD Vietnam

Article number: 0049455

DOLD Vietnam

Article number: 0050981

Leuze Vietnam

Part No.: 66557200

MLD520-RT3 Transmitter/receiver; Rugged and versatile

Type 4 3-beam safety light grid transceiver. 24VDC 2 x PNP

OSSD safety outputs. M12 8-pin connection.

Aut/Man restart EDM.  IP67 -30c° - +55c° temperature operation.

Status and function LEDs. Bracket kits ordered separately

Leuze Vietnam

Part No.: 66500200

MLD-M003 Deflecting mirror

MLD series passive mirror for MLD safety 3-beam transceivers. 0.5-6 meter range. IP67. Bracket kits ordered separately



Anritsu Vietnam

Type: CS-13E-010-1-TC1-ASP




Balluff Vietnam


BES 516-325-S4-C Inductive Sensors



PILZ Vietnam


PSEN sl-1.0p 1.1 VA 1switch



IFM Vietnam


PN-400-SER14-QFRKG/US/    /V



NTN Vietnam

Code: TS2-6013L1CC3P5




Ebm-Papst Vietnam

Code: W3G630-GU23-01

EC Axial Ffan



Burkert Vietnam

Code: 00178667

2/2-way-piston-operated angle-seat valve Type 2000


Control function A - closed by spring force; Paths/positions 2 - 2 ways / 2 position; Orifice size 25,0 - 25mm (1')

Seal material EE - PTFE; Body material VA - stainless steel

Port connection GM86 - G 1 threaded port

Actuator version D - PPS-actuator, VAthreaded bushing at connection of pilot air; Actuator size E - Dm 63mm

Special Feature:

MS74 - mounted with V-ANTR; Pressure min 0 bar

Pressure max 11 bar; Pilot pres. min 4,5 bar; Pilot pres. max 10 bar

KV 18,0 m3/h; T medium min -10 °C; T medium max 180 °C

T ambient min 5 °C; T ambient max 140 °C



Samwon ACT Vietnam

Model: SLT-CT101-XBM




Samwon ACT Vietnam

Model: R4T-16P-S


Samwon ACT Vietnam

Model: R4T-16P-S




Bernstein Vietnam

Code: 6061100005

F1-U1Z(A) Foot-Switch



HISCO Vietnam

Model: 401P

Case Material: Case Material; Diameter: 100mm; Mounting: Stem

Connection Location: Bottom; Connection: 3/8” PT

Range: 0~20 Kpa/ 0~2000 mmh2O; (401P40A2D094J0)

HISCO Vietnam

Model: 201P

Case Material: 304SS; Diameter: 75mm; Mounting: Stem

Connection Location: Bottom; Connection: 1/4" NPT

Range: 0~25 Mpa / 0~250 kg/cm2; (205P30A4C129J0)



Saia Burgess Controls Vietnam

Model: 272F5YR1

Micro switch for ESD push button



Norgren Vietnam

Model: B38-244-B1KA

F-Regler 25My 0,30-8,6 Npt1/4



Lika Vietnam

Model: CC-PB




Keyence Vietnam

Model: FS-M1H

Fiber Amplifier Note : check stock khi vào PO



Danfoss Vietnam

Part No.: 131B1027

Frequency Drive FC (2.2 kW); Code :FC302P2K2T5E


Danfoss Vietnam

Part No.: 131B1150

Frequency Drive FC (1.5 kW); FC302P1K5T5E


Danfoss Vietnam

Part No.: 131B1028

Frequency Drive FC (4.0 Kw); FC302P4K0T5E




NSK Vietnam

Model: 7000A




Koino Vietnam

Model: KH-6020-4



Sinotester Vietnam

Model: PH-2603

pH Meter

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