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Bi5-G18-Y1 - Sensor - Cảm biến - Turck - Song thành Công Việt Nam


Gazdetect Vietnam

Single channel controller MX15

• Power supply : Voltage 230 or 115 VAC

• Liquid Crystal Display, 4 digits and extra friendly symbols

• 2 programmable and independent levels of alarms

• Falling or increasing alarms; • Local or remote acknowledgement

Reference : W15O120

Gazdetect Vietnam

Gas detector 4-20 mA ATEX OLCT100

Sensor 0-100% LEL H2

Standardised output 4-20 mA (must be used

Part Number : OLCT100-XP-001

Gazdetect Vietnam

Cable Gland ATEX M20x1.5 nickel-plated brass

Part Number : PEATEXM20LN

BUSCH Vietnam

Code: 0532140159

Exhaust filter single wrapped d72 x 375 with silencer insert

Yokogawa Vietnam

Model: T-102-02-10

Đồng hồ đo lực căng

Advantech Vietnam

Model: EKI-7656C

16FE + 2G Combo Port Managed Ethernet Switch

Note: Code sắp ngừng sản xuất, Số lượng stock có hạn

Advantech Vietnam

Replaced Code: EKI-7720E-4F-AE

(EKI-7656C) 16FE+4G SFP Managed Ethernet Switch

Advantech Vietnam

Model: ADAM-4510S

Isolated RS-422/485 Repeater

VEGA Vietnam


Beckhoff Vietnam

Model: CX5020-0113

DIN rail Industrial PC No. 138506

Beckhoff Vietnam

Model: CX2900-0032

16GB CFast card, SLC flash, extended temperature range No. 139299

Beckhoff Vietnam

Model: EL1008

Beckhoff Vietnam

Model: EL2008

Beckhoff Vietnam

Model: EL3064

Beckhoff Vietnam

Model: EL4004

Beckhoff Vietnam

Model: EL9011

Graf Vietnam

Cardwinder 340

( replace for  Cardwinder CCW)

Skyray Vietnam

Model: HM-3000P

Portable water Quality Analyzer-Heavy Metals

Turck Vietnam

Model: FCT-G1/2A4P-VRX/24VDC



Model: 5C22


ACG Automation Vietnam

Item no: H274BV15

Butterfly valve wafer DN200, GGG40/AISI316/Viton

PN10/16/ANSI150, F10 22mm 45° + Hand lever 10 pos.

Allen Bradly Vietnam

Model: 2090-XXLF-3100

Allen Bradly Vietnam

Model: 25B-D6P0N104

Allen Bradly Vietnam

Model: 25B-D2P3N104

Allen Bradly Vietnam

Model: 25B-D4P0N114

Allen Bradly Vietnam

Model: 1769-IF4I

Allen Bradly Vietnam

Model: 1769-OF4

Allen Bradly Vietnam

Model: 1769-OF2

Allen Bradly Vietnam

Model: 1769-OW16

Allen Bradly Vietnam

Model: 1734-OE2V

Allen Bradly Vietnam

Model: 1734 -IE2V

Allen Bradly Vietnam

Model: 1734-OE4C

Allen Bradly Vietnam

Model: 1734-IE4C



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