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BN 5983 - BD 5935 - Công tắc điện từ - Khóa điện từ - Khóa bảo vệ điện từ - Dold - Song Thành Công Việt Nam


Dold VietNam

LG 5925

Dold VietNam

BD 5987

Dold VietNam

 BN 5983

Dold VietNam

BD 5935

Dold VietNam

BH 5928

Dold VietNam

HO 3094

Dold VietNam

HO 3095

Koganei Vietnam

Model: CDATS80X50X0-B



GF Vietnam

Code: 161514632

Diaphragm Valve

GF Vietnam

Replaced by: 161514616

(161 314 681) Diaphragm Valve; Note: Recheck code khi order


Mitsubishi Vietnam

Model: GT2712-STBA


Mitsubishi Vietnam




Taisee Vietnam

Update Code: T6-5-4-080ZP

(T6-4-4-080P) Inverter Note: recheck code khi order

Taisee Vietnam

Update Code: T6-5-4-100ZP

(T6-4-4-100P) Inverter Note: recheck code khi order

Taisee Vietnam

Update Code: T6-5-4-150ZP

(T6-4-4-150P) Inverter Note: recheck code khi order


MOXA Vietnam

Model: Nport 5450 (Model không có chữ I)

Serial Device Server


VIBCO Vietnam

Model: VS-250

VS series "Silent" Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator

VIBCO Vietnam

Model: BVS-250

BVS series foot mount "Silent" Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator, designed for applications requiring medium amounts of vibration.  Threaded exhaust port allows for porting air to remote location if necessary


Tival Vietnam

Art no: 1010 078

Pressure switch FF 4-8 DAH


Celduc Vietnam

Model: SC965160

50A/400Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc/Led Solid State Relay


Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 330180-91-00

Proximitor Sensor

Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 330180-50-00

Proximitor Sensor


Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 3500/22-01-01-00

Transient Data Interface

Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 330400-02-CN



Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 330881-28-05-080-00-02

Proximity Transducer Assembly

Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 03818100

Conduit Fitting


KG Auto Vietnam

Model: KGS-H2M1

Ø22 Selector

KG Auto Vietnam

Model: KGX-HMD21G

Ø22 Lamp Push Button (Green)

KG Auto Vietnam

Model: KGX-HMD21R

Ø22 Lamp Push Button (Red)

KG Auto Vietnam

Model: KGX-HMD21Y

Ø22 Lamp Push Button (Yellow)


Vaisala Vietnam

Model: HMT3103B5A1BCE14B6AA1A2

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter; Probe code: HMT313

Parameters: Cod RH+T+Td+a+Tw+x+h+pws; Mounting Plate: Wall Plate with Flange Power supply: Standard (24 VDC)

Signal output: Analog Output (CH1+CH2) Output 4...20mA

Analog output signals for Ch1: 0...100%RH

Analog output signals for Ch2: Temperature Range -40...+180C

Output units: Metric Units; Cable connector: Connection Cable 5m 8 pin M12 Female, Black; User´s Guide HMT310 English

Probe type: HMP303 Probe 5m cable (120°C)

Humidity sensor type: general purpose (recommended choice) HUMICAP180R; Sensor protection in probe: PPS Grid with Steel Netting; No additional Temperature Probe, No Installation Kit

Calibration Certificate At Room Temperature


IXXAT Vietnam

Model: 021620-B

1SI CANopen


Leuze Vietnam

Model: ODSL96K/V66.1-2300-S12

Leuze Optical distance sensor

Special preconfigured version; Light spot size: 3 mm x 8 mm

Measurement range: 150 ... 2.300 mm 18 ... 30VDC M12 5P in connector ; 30mm x 90 mm x 70 mm -20 ... 50 °C IP 67


IFM Vietnam

Model: EVC561

EVC561 ADOGH050MSS0030C05


SICK Vietnam

Code: 1070852


SICK Vietnam

Code: 1044369



Rexroth Vietnam

Model: R900071030

COIL SELENOID Note: Recheck code khi order


GF Vietnam

Code: 3-2724-00

PH Electrode


Siemens Vietnam

Model: 6GK7242-7KX31-0XE0

Communications processor CP 1242-7 V2 for connection of SIMATIC S7-1200 to GSM/GPRS network; Web server access to

CPU, data point configuration, Observe national approvals


Samwon ACT Vietnam

Model: S4T-16P-202D


Samwon ACT Vietnam

Model: TG7-1H40CA

Terminal Block

Samwon ACT Vietnam

Model: C40HH-10PU-XBI



Mindman Vietnam

Model: MVSE-600-4E2-20A

Valves AC220


Balluff Vietnam

BES 516-346-HO-Y has been discontinued and replaced by:

Ordering code: BES01FC BES 516-346-H2-Y


MOXA Vietnam

Model: UPORT 1250I MOXA

USB-to-serial Converters

MOXA Vietnam

Model: Uport 1410

USB-to-serial Converters


MOXA Vietnam

Model: PT-G7728

Ethernet Switch

MOXA Vietnam

Model: PWR-HV-P48

Power Modules

MOXA Vietnam

Model: LM-7000H-4GTX

Ethernet Modules

MOXA Vietnam

Model: LM-7000H-4GSFP

Ethernet Modules


Phoenix Contact Vietnam

Code: 1501252


Phoenix Contact Vietnam

Code: 1699902


Phoenix Contact Vietnam

Code: 1404415


Phoenix Contact Vietnam

Code: 1501265


Phoenix Contact Vietnam

Code: 1404642


Phoenix Contact Vietnam

Code: 1542910


Phoenix Contact Vietnam

Code: 1407584




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