Code-16005370-Butterfly-valve-series-301-Sirca-Viet-nam-song-thanh-cong-viet-namthong tin lien he ThienSTC 2

Code 16005370 - Van bướm - Butterfly valve series 301 - Sirca Việt Nam - Song Thành Công Việt Nam


Dittmer Vietnam

Art no.: 170302463

Stick in RTD without movable screw connection head type B (aluminium) cable connection screw (head) M20x1,5

1xPT100 Ohm DIN class A 4-wire; pipe Ø 6 mm, material 1.4571

nominal length 100 mm

Dittmer Vietnam

Art no.: 180608552

RTD with small connection head ø25mm; cable 3m PUR-cable

1xPT100 Ohm DIN B 4 -wire; without movable screw

build in length 50 x 6 mm; NL= 80 mm; material 1.4541

temp-range -40/+250°C (Top of the pipe)

Bermar Vietnam

Model: G..10615GA3FUD.50

Drivemot 6 Pole  Kw 1,5 B5 IP55 Drivemot  3XV.380-440 Hz.50  V.440/480 Hz.60 – UP/Down buttons – Inverter I.SV022IG5A-4 VFD 2,2Kw ; 3x380/460V.VETT.SENSORLESS  Hz50/60

Air Torque Vietnam

Model: SC00060-6UF05F0714AZ

Air Torque Vietnam

Model: SC00450-6UF10F1227AZ

Air Torque Vietnam

Model: SC01200-6UF1436AZ

Elvarmeteknik Vietnam

OE-361/813 1,5kW 230/400V

Immersion heater with flange G2" and tubularelements of stainless steel. Insertion length a=815mm. Surface load 0,9W/cm².

Te rminal box of silumin with 1-pole thermostate 10-90°C and 3-pole over heat protection 110°C

Metal Work Vietnam

Code: W0215000101


Honeywell Vietnam

Model: FS-V21G


IFM Vietnam

Code: UGT506


IFM Vietnam

Code: IFS205


IFM Vietnam

Code: IF5249


Fischer Vietnam

Art no: NK10300000010000U0600

Level Limiter; Flange Acc, DIN EN 1092-1 Form B1 DN65 PN16; 1.0425 (3500); With 1 micro switch; EX-approval: without SIL 1/2

Seah Hightech Vietnam

Model: SAHT-GSP-TCU-220A

Controller Unit with ABS Box

Temp.Controller(SAHT-TB-42) Kit ; with 3/4" Cable Conduit Kit

Seah Hightech Vietnam

Model: SAHT-GSP-H-220

Gas Sample Probe Heater

Power supply 220~230V 50/60Hz Heater 250W

Raytek Vietnam

RAYMR1SBSF has been already obsoleted and replaced by E1RL-F2-L-0-0

Sensor E1RL-F2-L-0-0

• Wide temperature range: 600 to 1800 °C when used in 2 Color mode

• Sighting option: Laser through the lens and Visible through the lens - Manual Variable focus

• Superior optical resolution to 100:1

• LAN/Ethernet interface with PoE for communication with the sensor (ASCII, Video, and Webserver)

• Programmable relay output

• Fail safe alarm

• Isolated analog input/output

• Ambient temperatures to 315 °C (600 °F) with ThermoJacket enclosure

• Rugged stainless steel housing, IP65 (NEMA 4) rated

• Unique “dirty window” alarm

• Free Endurance software for remote configuration, remote monitoring and field calibration

Raytek Vietnam

Cable E-2CCB15

High-temp (200°C) multi-conductor cable with connector, 15m (50 ft.) not including terminal strip

Raytek Vietnam

Power supply E-PS

Power Supply (24VDC, 110/220VAC input) & Endurance Terminal Block mounted in NEMA 4 (IP65) enclosure

Raytek Vietnam

Thermo Jacket E-TJ1M

Thermo Jacket housing for Endurance sensors Metric Version

Raytek Vietnam

Mount E-MB

Adjustable mounting base for Thermo Jacket

Raytek Vietnam

Blast Gate with window E-GTQ

Blast Gate Assembly with Quartz Window (HT model)

Raytek Vietnam

Mounting flange for sighting Tube E-MST

Mounting flange for use with sighting tubes

Raytek Vietnam

Sighting Tube E-ST12

30 cm (12") sighting tube, stainless steel (up to 800°C)


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