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Ngoài ra công ty Song Thành Công còn cung cấp và phân phối các dòng thiết bị công nghiệp hóa tự động khác:



FIMET Vietnam

Type: A280M4

FIMET 3-Ph Motor 90kW, 4P, IP55, F ,660/380V,50Hz Interchangeable with S/N: 2335301520

Honeywell Vietnam

Model: SZX-SMF-14N

Relay Sockets & Hardware

Woonyoung Vietnam

Model: WY-R05AA 10/5A

Indicator (10/5A, 2.5CL, 50/60Hz)

Woonyoung Vietnam

Model: WY-R05AA 30/5A

Indicator (30/5A, 2.5CL, 50/60Hz)

HTM Sensor Vietnam

Model: LCM1-1812P-ARU4

Proximity Sensor

HTM Sensor Vietnam

Model: WCN1-1808P-ARL4-PTFE-100C

Proximity Sensor

Series       : 100

UE  –

Model       : H100-171-M201- QC1

Xuất xứ USA

Enclosure : Die cast aluminum, epoxy powder


coated, gasketed, captive cover screws


Series   : 100


Model  : H100-191-M201-M446-QC1


Enclosure : Die cast aluminum, epoxy powder coated, gasketed, captive cover


Series   : 12


Model   : 12SHDN6G-M201-M446-QC1


Enclosure: SS316


NSD Vietnam

Model: 4P-S-0144-300

Extension Cable

IFM Vietnam

Code: PI2797

PI-001BREA01-MFRKG/US/      /P

UNID Vietnam

Model: UW-15 NO (Ø21)

Van điện từ

UNID Vietnam

Model: UW-20 NO (Ø27)

Van điện từ

Động cơ WEG - W21 - W22

WEG  –

Frame: 315S/M

Xuất xứ Brazil

Công suất: 110kw/4p


Điện áp: 3pha/380V/50Hz/IP55


Kiểu lắp: B3



Model: I/Z59C15-1024-1230-BZ-Z-VL-R-01

NOTE:  C electronics is out of production and it has been replaced on all our encoders with Z   electronics that has got the same technical features. We updated the encoder code.

Sanyo Denki Vietnam

Code: 104-8011-1

DC Servo Motor

Nidec Avtron Vietnam

AV56a1tdx1yxg015 is replaced by: AV56A1KDX6YXGP51

Housing Type:           1 - Single Output

Rotor Bore Size:        KD - 15/16" Thru-Shaft Cam Screw Rotor for ADC Pitch Motor ; Cover Style:    X - No Cover Plate

Line Driver:   6 - 5-24v in, 5-24v out (7272) recommended for single-ended wiring (A,B,Z, no A/,B/,Z/); Left Output PPR:  Y - 1024 PPR

Right Output PPR:     X - No Right Output, Single Output Only

Connector Options:   G - Ind'l w/Northstar Pinout (EPIC Style connector), w/mating plug, LED diagnostics

Modifications:            P51 - Special options for ADC Motor, upgraded model including paint, diagnostic LED & cam screw rotor and super magnetic shielding

Nidec Avtron Vietnam

Model: AV5-8YP000

Line Driver:   8 - 5-24v in, 5-24V out hi-power standard (Hx)

PPR:    Y - 1024 PPR

Connector Options:   P - Industrial EPIC Style w/Plug

Modifications :      000 - No Special Options


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