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HC 3098 - UH 6932 - Rơ-le mô-đun thiết bị kiểm soát - Dold - Song Thành Công Việt Nam

Dold Vietnam

Art number: 0054050
MK7850N.82/200 AC/DC12-240V

Dold Vietnam

Art number: 0056618
MK7850N.82/200/61 AC/DC12-240V

Dold Vietnam

Art number: 0045788
IL9077.12 3/N AC400/230V 0,1-20S

Dold Vietnam

Art number: 0066430
RL9836.11/61 DC50-250V 4-20% 0-30S

Dold Vietnam

Art number: 0053805
IL5881.12/100 DC12-280V 5-200K-OHM

Dold Vietnam

Art number: 0053378
IL5880.12 AC50-400Hz 220-240V (5-100K-OHM)

Dold Vietnam

Art number: 0053805
IL5881.12/100 DC12-280V 5-200K-OHM

Balluff Vietnam

BCC M415-0000-1A-014-PS0434-030

Balluff Vietnam


Balluff Vietnam


Balluff Vietnam

BES 516-113-S4-C

Balluff Vietnam

BNS 819-B03-D08-46-11

Balluff Vietnam

BNS 819-D03-D12-62-10

Balluff Vietnam

BKS-S 32M-03

Balluff Vietnam

BMF 21K-PS-C-2-S49

Balluff Vietnam

BMF 21K-PS-C-2-PU-02

Balluff Vietnam

BES 516-300-S240-D-PU-03

Unitronics Vietnam

Model: V350-J-TR6

Flat Front 24VDC, 6 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital/Analog (current/voltage) Inputs, 4 Analog (current), 6 Relay Outputs, RS232/485, 2 high-speed npn Transistor Outputs

Unitronics Vietnam

Model: V100-17-ET2

Ethernet Port


MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RPS0400MD601A01

Position sensor; Temposonics® R-Series; Stroke length: 400mm


E-Instrument Vietnam

Model: E4500-3

E4500 Gas Analyzer including:

O2 Sensor            0 to 25 % ; CO Sensor           0 to 8000 ppm*

*With Auto-Range up to 10%

NO/NOx Sensor  0 to 5000 ppm ; CO2 Calculated    0 to 99.9 %

Flue Gas & Air Temperature Measurement; Draft & Differential Pressure Measurement; Efficiency, Losses, & Excess Air Calculations

300mm Probe, 800oC max, with 3m Dual Hose; External Water Trap with Filter Cartridge; Internal Memory, 2000 Tests; Built-In Printer with Non-Fading Paper; Rubber Holster with Magnetic Support

Automatic Periodic Data Saving; Software Package w/Bluetooth & USB Cable; ABS Hard Plastic Carrying Case

Full Color Graphic Display Screen

E-Instrument Vietnam

Model: AACFA01

Filter Cartridges (pack of five)

E-Instrument Vietnam

Model: AARC05

Non-Fading Paper Rolls (pack of ten)

E-Instrument Vietnam

Model: AACEX01

3m Dual Hose Extension

E-Instrument Vietnam

Model: Z12117EIN7P

SCU (Sample Conditioning Unit)

E-Instrument Vietnam

Model: AACKP01

Differential Pressure Hose Kit


MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RPS0200MD601A01

Position sensor; Temposonics® R-Series; Stroke length: 200mm


Balluff Vietnam

BOS00AJ (BOS 6K-PU-1QA-S75-C) is not more valid.

Replacement is BOS01L8

BOS 6K-PU-PT10-S75 Photoelectric Sensors

Balluff Vietnam


BES M12MI-PSC20B-S04G Inductive Sensors


Balmac Vietnam

Model: 550-X-190-250VAC

2 Limits (Alarm and Shutdown) ; Range: 0.1 to 2.75 inch/sec

The Model 550-X explosion-proof type housings are UL listed as to explosion and fire hazard only.  Enclosure for use in hazardous locations. Class I, Groups C & D; Class II, Groups E, F, & G; Class III


Netter Vibration Vietnam

Model: PKL 450/4

Netter pneumatic impactor

Netter Vibration Vietnam

Model: NBS-G 450

Netter fastening set


Inventive-System Vietnam

Model: BA-200

OILARM ; Self-cleaning 15 ppm Oil Content Alarm built with U.S.C.G. and A.B.S. approvals, fulfilling all the requirements of IMO Resolution MEPC.60(33), suitable for detection of oil-in-water from 2ppm to >150ppm. Power requirements: 120VAC, 50/60 Hz at 60 watts. Equipped with a 6 hole Flange


SPG Motor Vietnam

Model: S9I150GT-T

Induction Motor

SPG Motor Vietnam

Model: S9KH10B

Gear Head


Pavone Sistemi Vietnam

Article No.: 201700010

Model 460, 3tons, 2m V/V

Pavone Sistemi Vietnam

Article No.: 1410526

Model 460 5tons, 1.9998mV/V


EGE Elektronik Vietnam

ID No.: P10408

Type: STK 421K-A4 Flow Sensor


Hontko Vietnam

Model: HTR-G-40A-P

ROTARY ENCODER; Pulse per Revolution: 40 PPR; Output Phase: ABZ phase; Electronics: Push Pull; Supply Voltage: DC 5~26V


Celduc Vietnam

Code: SCB865600

Two Phase Solid State Relays type SCB

2x50A/600Vac/2 Ctrl 10-30Vdc


Celduc Vietnam

Code: SOB965660

Two Phase Solid State Relays type SOB

2x50A/400Vac/2 Ctrl 10-30Vdc


Seibu Denki Vietnam

Model: LTKD-02-1.5kW


KOFLOC Vietnam

Model: CR-400B


KOFLOC Vietnam

Model: CP-STD-1M

Cable (1 meter)


Co-Ax Valve Vietnam

COAX 2/2 Way Valve, Direct Acting

Coax valves part number: FKA 630 55

Type: FK 25 NC      Art-n: 533860

Connection: PN 100; Media: mineral oil; Voltage: 24VDC

Pressure: 0-64 bar; Construction: NC (normally closed), steel galvanized, special seals, terminal box

Note: Every single order & position of the PO, the end customer, country & city of destination of the valve, e.g. PT Lafarge – Medan (Indonesia). We’re unable to accept & confirm the Purchase Orders without these information


SICK Vietnam

Code: 1037235



E+H Vietnam





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