K35ADM- K35A2M- K3TADM-tram-lien-lac-ki-thuat-so-ngoai-troi-treo-tuong-interking-viet-nam-song-thanh-cong-Explosion-proof-Outdoor-Wall-Mount-Handset-StationTop bai


K3TADM - Trạm liên lạc ngoài trời treo tường - Interking Việt Nam - Song Thành Công - Explosion proof Outdoor Wall Mount Handset StationK35ADM – K35A2M- K3TADM-tram-lien-lac-ki-thuat-so-ngoai-troi-treo-tuong-interking-viet-nam-song-thanh-cong-Explosion-proof-Outdoor-Wall-Mount-Handset-Station-1K35ADM – K35A2M- K3TADM-tram-lien-lac-ki-thuat-so-ngoai-troi-treo-tuong-interking-viet-nam-song-thanh-cong-Explosion-proof-Outdoor-Wall-Mount-Handset-Station-2K35ADM – K35A2M- K3TADM-tram-lien-lac-ki-thuat-so-ngoai-troi-treo-tuong-interking-viet-nam-song-thanh-cong-Explosion-proof-Outdoor-Wall-Mount-Handset-Station-3K35ADM – K35A2M- K3TADM-tram-lien-lac-ki-thuat-so-ngoai-troi-treo-tuong-interking-viet-nam-song-thanh-cong-Explosion-proof-Outdoor-Wall-Mount-Handset-Station-4




Ngoài ra công ty Song Thành Công còn cung cấp và phân phối các dòng thiết bị công nghiệp hóa tự động khác:



Metrix Vietnam

Code: MW5550-421-020


Mechanical Vibration Switch (Base Model)

Aquasol Vietnam

Model: PRO OX 100B Complete Kit

Bluetooth Oxygen Monitor w/ Sensor 100 ppm; Extended Neoprene Tube All Sales Final except Warranty Claims European Charger

Metrix Vietnam

Code: MW5550-421-041


Mechanical Vibration Switch (Base Model)

IRCON Vietnam

Infrared Thermometer 46-08C-0-1-0

MOXA Vietnam

Model: EDS-208A-S-SC

Unmanaged Ethernet switch

MOXA Vietnam

Model: MGate 5105-MB-EIP

1-port Modbus RTU to EtherNet/IP gateway, 0 to 60°C operating temperature

MOXA Vietnam

Model: CP-104UL w/o Cable

4 Port UPCI Board, w/o Cable, RS-232, Low Profile

Transfos MARY Vietnam

Item reference: 99BV279602

Type B1 - B2 - B3

Plan 144 00369 RB & Nom 93 00707 RB ; Ref. 279 6028

GEMU Vietnam

GEMU Digital Electro-Pneumatic Positioner Type 1435

Part no: 1435000Z10001

EDV: 88092764

(Without Mounting Kit / Accessories) Field Bus : Without field bus

Action : Single Acting

Explosion-Proof Class : Without explosion-proof class

Version : Electro-Pneumatic, 50 l/min

Vaisala Vietnam

Code: HMT330 3E0B001DCAK100B0AAABAA1

Transmitter type: HMT333 for general use

Probe cables: Probe 2

Vaisala Vietnam

Code: DMT152 A1DCE1XA33EA1X

DMT152: Low Dewpoint Transmitter

Balluff Vietnam


BTL7-E501-M1700-P-S32 Magnetostrictive Sensors

(BTL5-E10-M1700-P-S-32 is obsoleted)

Balluff Vietnam


BTL5-P-5500-2 Mechanical Accessories

Balluff Vietnam


BTL7-E501-M0350-P-S32 Magnetic Sensor

(BTL5-E10-M0350-P-S32 is obsoleted)

Balluff Vietnam


BTL7-E501-M0200-P-S32 Magnetostrictive sensors

(BTL5-E10-M0200-P-S32 is obsoleted)




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