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LH 5946 - UG 6970 - Khóa điện bảo vệ trong cơ khí - Dold - Song Thành Công Việt Nam


Dold VietNam

HC 3098

Dold VietNam

BH 5932

Dold VietNam

UH 6932

Dold VietNam

UH 6937

Dold VietNam

UH 5947

Dold VietNam

 LH 5946

Dold VietNam

UG 6970

Dold VietNam

UG 6980

SANKO Vietnam

Model: TY-30

Handy Needle Detector


Posital Fraba Vietnam

Article Number: 75130206

Article Name: OSE-S 1102; Optical sensing Edge; Interface 3wire OSE; Technology: Optical, contact edge; Transmitter cable length 6.5m; Receiver : 0.5m; Supply Voltage 10-14VDC; Safety Properties: Cat 4 PL e ( EN ISO 13849-1); PUR / PVC, tinned ends


Leuze Vietnam

Part No.: 50108005


Leuze Alignment Aid 10 ... 30 V DC; 15 mm x 38.9 mm x 28.7 mm

-10 ... 40 °C IP 67; IP 66 M12 connector LED Red Laser


PCH Vietnam

Model: PCH1272 (PCH 1272)

Vibration Guard; Spec : CHF 8158; Range : 0-20mm/s

PCH Vietnam

Model: PCH1106MK2 (PCH 1106 MK2)

Vibration Sensor; Spec : CHF 5172; Range : 0-20 mm


Koshin Vietnam

Model: FA-100-BAB

Fill Pump


Novotechnik Vietnam

Part number: 019557

Potentionmeter SP-2841-100-002-903


Kuebler Vietnam

Model: K8.5020.0310.1024.S0

(8.5020.0310.1024.S090) Hollow shaft Incremental Encoder with 1024 PPR, Special Assembly



Model: B01122POC5



Model: N618314/CEI


M12 angled connector with 5 meters of cable



Model: POL-21005-2F-R-10B-EX

Low Intensity Red LED Single Obstruction Light; Manufactured by Point Lighting Corporation; ETL Certified to FAA AC 150/5345-43H Type L-810; ETL Certified to UL 844 for use in Class 1 Div 2, Groups A, B, C, D, T6 at -40 deg C to + 55 deg C; Compliance to UK CAP 168 Table 6A.1 Low Intensity [Group A]; ETL Certified to UL1598 & UL1598A for use in wet locations & Marine Vessels; ABS Certified for Marine and Offshore Applications; LED Color Red complete with long life LED Array, rated up to100,000 hrs; Complete with state of the art LED Technology; Power supply board includes short circuit and open circuit protection; Protected from line surges by metal oxide varistors  {MOVs}; Clear glass lens sealed rated watertight to IP 66; 1 inch entry on bottom ( 10B); Complete with Marine Treatment for Superior Corrosion Protection {MT} as standard; For use on 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz input power


Eurotherm Vietnam

Model: MEM2090RS0000

Portable Process Calibrator Note: RS232 is now always included

Eurotherm Vietnam

Model: A08M044000000



Checkline Vietnam

Model: CTM2-10000

Cable Tension Meter, 10,000lb Capacity with 1 set of sheaves, Calibration for 1 Wire Size / Construction and carrying case. pn AWT05-508111

Includes NIST Calibration Certificate, Made in the USA

Capacity: 10000 lb / 45 kN / 4500 kg


BST International Vietnam

Replaced by: EKR 500 digital Unit

(EKR 500PLUS) Consisting of Commander and Controller

No. 3COBL163949; Supply voltage 24 V DC


Rosemount Vietnam

Replaced by: 3051TG4A2B31KI1M5Q4HR5

(3051TG4A2B31KI1M6Q4) Bearing Note: Recheck code khi order


Siemens Vietnam

Model: 6ES7131-4BD01-0AA0

(6ES7 131-4BD01-0AAO) Module


P+F Vietnam

Model: NJ1,5-8-N-Y18812

Inductive Sensor


Dungs Vietnam

Art No.: 058446

Pressure Regulator FRS 515


Nanhua Vietnam

Model: BC-8

Màu đỏ, 220V, D tone; âm thanh ánh sáng đồng bộ

Note: Conf lại thông số khi order


GE Vietnam

Model: CK11CE300


Balluff Vietnam


BES 516-325-S4-C Inductive Sensors

Balluff Vietnam


BES 516-360-E5-Y-S4 Inductive Sensors


Honsbergs Vietnam

Code: TF1-070M015HS

Temperature guard Brass

Switching range: temperature 40-1200C in 50C steps

Connection material: Brass; Connection: Thread  G ½  A

Connection type: Screw-in thread

Connection bild : Wiring 0.212 Normally open (n.o.)


ApolloFire Vietnam

Model: ORB-OP-12001-APO


ApolloFire Vietnam

Model: ORB-MB-00019-APO

Deep Base

ApolloFire Vietnam

Model: ORB-OP-52027-APO


ApolloFire Vietnam

Model: ORB-MB-50018-APO

Deep Base


Watlow Vietnam







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