E2S Vietnam Model: BEXP4S1X4L0A2M20IIBR
Plate Assy 4 x BEx units 
E2S Vietnam Model: BEXS120DFAC230AB1A1R
E2S Vietnam Model: BEXBG21DPAC230AB1A1R/B
 Xenon Strobe Beacon 
E2S Vietnam Model: BEXBG21DPAC230AB1A1R/A
Xenon Strobe Beacon 
E2S Vietnam Model: BEXBG21DPAC230AB1A1R/R
Xenon Strobe Beacon 
Nohken Vietnam Model: KRV-2NH
Level Sensor ; Đầu ren 3/4" ; Length = 55mm
Gefran Vietnam Model: LT-M-0600-P-XL0202
Position sensor ; Stroke 600 mm
Clyde Bergemann Vietnam Model: A3985
Pressure switch ; 5.0Bar(+)
YTC/ Rotork Vietnam Volume Booster
Model: YT-310-N-1
IDTECK Vietnam Correct Code: iEDC Main SystemNema Package
8 Door Web Server Embedded, PoE based Controller
Conch Vietnam P10-3010-000A
Temperature controller
Eurotherm Ordering code: 3208 VC-VH-RRRX-R-4XL-S-ENG-ENG-XXXXX
Eurotherm Ordering code: LFS832143000
LFS / LFS mA 1/16 DIN Temperature Controller
AC&T Vietnam ETOS-50NX-S11
RS232C 1 Port + RS422/RS485 1 Port
Single Power : Free 100 to 260 VAC ; Device Server
UL-Tech Vietnam Sonicheck15
Potable Ultrasonic Sound Pressure Meter
UL-Tech Vietnam Quartz Probe
Vaisala Vietnam Hand-held Moisture in oil Meter
Code: MM70 B1A1A5A1C0A2B0
Condensator Dominit Vietnam Art No.: C161-MAD
ABB Capacitor OEM CLMD-MNS-435/50-1x28
  Fixed capacitor in dry-type execution for reactive power compensation.
Wise Control  Vietnam Model: R122B17F96QGCZ(1585mm)0
Sheathed thermocouple ; Model : R120 seré (R series)
Amarillo gear Vietnam MODEL: F155 6
Proton Vietnam 00046MC001
SLR3060 Speed & Length Measurement
Proton Vietnam 00049MC021
SiDI-CDI4 Universal Display & Interface Unit
Proton Vietnam 00049MC950
SiDI-CDI4 kit 
Proton Vietnam 00041CT003
DB25_003m(9.8ft) Cable  
Proton Vietnam 00041MC660
PSU-BOB-SL Power Supply
Econex Vietnam Item Code: B1C3V0-S
Model: AB1C3130-S
Electric actuator 
Paul Ruster VietnamPaul Rüster & Co Vietnam temperatur-berlin Code: 321.44/21x310.15.3K.1.G1
Screw-in thermocouple with neck tube
Hydac Vietnam 906205
HYDAC EDS-1791-N-250-000 Pressure switch
Dunkomotoren Vietnam Part no: 96566.02715
Ametek Vietnam Type: BG 65SX50 / PLG 63 LL / E 
E2S Vietnam Model: ML25FV100AN1A1G
PA Horn Loudspeaker
Flowserve Logix Vietnam LOGIX 3211MD-28-D6-M-04-40-0S-00
Positioner 70-SACC
Flowserve Logix Vietnam 70-SACC
Valtek Mounting Kit 164432.999.040
Heraeus Vietnam Code: 45002266
Description: UV spotlight NNI 52/30