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OB-5623 - UG 6960 - Role chuyển tiếp - Dold - Song Thành Công Việt Nam - Bistable-relay

Dold VietNam

UG 6960

Dold VietNam

UG 6961

Dold VietNam

BH 5910

Dold VietNam

BH 5911.03

Dold VietNam

BH 5911.22

Dold VietNam

BG 5913.08/_0___

Dold VietNam

 BH 5913.08/_0___

Heidenhain Vietnam

Model: 376836-1G

Incremental rotary encoder with integral bearing for separate shaft coupling; ROD 436 360 27S12-03 A 0,00 .. 73; Line count: 360

Output signal: HTL; Max. scanning frequency: 300.00 kHz

Power supply: 10 V ... 30 V; Flange version: Synchro flange Ø 58 mm, centering collar 50 mm, bolt circle Ø 42 mm, 3 x M4; Shaft: Solid shaft, diameter 6 mm, length 9.5 mm; Degree of protection: IP 64 (EN 60529); Operating temperature: -40/+100 °C; Electrical connection: Flange socket, male, 12-pin; Pin configuration: D294999; Connecting direction: axial; Special characteristics, rotational encoders: none


Norgren Vietnam

Code: 0863312000000000

Pressure Switch G1/4, 0-40BAR


Sommer/ Zimmer Vietnam

Code: GK25N-B

2-Jaw Angular Grippers


RACO Vietnam


F  = Voltage....3x230/400 V, 50 Hz, P = 3 kW

B  = Motor rpm.......................1500 min-1

F  = Rod speed........................120 mm/sec

T1C6= Type/Force........................10 kN

O  = Stroke...........................800 mm

F  = Lead pitch.........................5 mm

D  = Trunnion brackets (actuator movable)

E  = Motor IP 55, ISO F + thermal contact

I  =  -

I  =  -

D  = 1. Spherical rod end

        2. Motor with brake type "L" (closed in de-energized condition), internally wired

        3. Internal protective coating

        4. Assembly seams sealed

Special painting: RACO blue, epoxy

Note: It is not allowed to operate the electric actuator without an end position limiting (limit switches). If limit   switches do not belong to the delivery range there has to be an external limit switch system at the construction


Chint Vietnam

Model: NDK-500VA

Biến áp dòng


Rexroth/Aventics Vietnam

Code: 0820055102



Unitronics Vietnam

Model: V350-J-TA24

Flat Front 24VDC, 8 Digital Inputs, 2 Analog/Digital Inputs, 2 TC/PT/Digital Inputs, 10 Transistor Outputs, 2 Analog Outputs, RS232/RS485 (VISION 350 J TA24)

Unitronics Vietnam

Model: V130-J-TA24

24VDC, 8 Digital Inputs, 2 Analog/Digital Inputs, 2 TC/PT/Digital Inputs, 10 Transistor Outputs, 2 Analog Outputs, RS232/485

(VISION 130 J TA24)

Unitronics Vietnam

Model: V100-17-ET2


Unitronics Vietnam

Model: EX-A2X

Expansion adapter, Isolated; EXA2 MODULO DE EXPANSION

Unitronics Vietnam

Model: IO-AI4-AO2

4 Analog Inputs / 2 Analog Outputs

Unitronics Vietnam

Model: IO-DI8-TO8

8 Digital Inputs / 8 Transistor Outputs, 24VDC

Unitronics Vietnam

Correct Code: SM35-J-TA22

(SM35-J-T22) SM35-J-TA22,3.5",12/8 I/O,2A,3HS

Unitronics Vietnam

Model: US5-B10-T24

UniStream Pro, 5" touch, 10DI, 12TO, 2AI.

Powerful programmable logic controller with high quality HMI touch screen

Celduc Relais Vietnam

Celduc SKA20460

(Crydom MCX480D5) Solid State Relay 5A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 5-30Vdc

Picotech Vietnam

Model: TA197

Divide by 10 Attenuator


GasDNA Vietnam

Model: DA-750-O2

Oxygen Detector 0-25%VOL


Flir Vietnam

FLIR E5 non-contact Infrared camera bereik -20/+250ºC.,120x90  incl Wifi 320x240 MSX Resolution



Ginice Vietnam

Model: GEA-15P

24VAC, In/Output signal 4~20mA W/GVS21.32 Valve + Actuator


Electronica Vietnam

Model: D1R0-A2-R010

EMR-B Reader Head Resolution 20 Micron with 1 Mtr. Cable & Reference Sensor



Model: VQ321T-1

Pellistor Sensor P/N: S011954


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