VeriVide has long been known throughout the textile and apparel industries as the specialist for any requirement in the field of colour assessment technology. Complimenting this, VeriVide’s textile testing equipment enables quality control and technologists to assess and evaluate surface appearance.

Pilling assessment viewer (PAV)
Enables fabric to be assessed while still mounted on a Martindale head.

A versatile unit that accepts the modified Martindale specimen head, enabling the fabric to be assessed while still mounted on the head.
Conforms to all three parts of EN ISO 12945 and test methods:

  • Part 1: ICI Pilling box method (BS 5811)
  • Part 2: Modified Martindale method (SN 198 525)
  • Part 3: Atlas random tumble method (ASTM D 3512-96)

It uses D65 Artificial Daylight (with CWF optionally available), as specified by many retailers.
Other test methods can also be viewed, including those specified by major retailers.

Đặc điểm :

Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 340 245 240
Viewing Area 340 165 240