RK 5942-BD 5987-role-module-mo-dun-cong-tac-rem-role-mang-role-chuyen-doi-dold-song-thanh-cong-viet-nam-1.png

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RK 5942 - BD 5987 - Rơ le module - mô đun - công tác rèm - rơ le mạng - rơ le chuyển đổi - Dold - Song Thành Công Việt Nam


Dold VietNam

LG 5925

Dold VietNam

BG 5924

Dold VietNam

IP 5924

Dold VietNam

RK 5942

Dold VietNam

BD 5987

Dold VietNam

BG 5925

Dold VietNam

BN 5983

Balluff Vietnam

BCC M415-0000-1A-008-PX0434-030

Balluff Vietnam

BCC M415-0000-1A-009-PX0434-030

Balluff Vietnam

BCC M415-0000-1A-014-PS0434-030

Balluff Vietnam


Balluff Vietnam


Balluff Vietnam

BES 516-113-S4-C

Balluff Vietnam

BNS 819-B03-D08-46-11

Balluff Vietnam

BOS 5K-NS-RH12-02

Balluff Vietnam

Replaced by: BES052L
BES M12EN-NSC20B-BV05 (BES 516-329-BO-C-05 is no more valid)

Balluff Vietnam

BFB 75K-003-P-02

DOLD Vietnam

Article number: 0050981

Module BG5924.04 AC/DC24V


ERO Electronic Vietnam

Model: LFS832143000

Temperature Controllers


Eurotherm Vietnam

Replaced by: 32H8I

MODEL (32H8I) 1/8 DIN UNIT; Temperature Indicator   and alarm unit; Function (AL) Standard Alarm unit; Supply Voltage (VH) 85-264 Vac; Output 1 & Output 3 (RXDX) 1 Relay - 3 Analog

Relay AA (R) Relay; Bezel color (S) Silver

Product language (ENG) Eng; Manual language (ENG) Eng

Ordering Code: 32H8I/AL/VH/RXDX/R/XXX/S/ENG/ENG/XX/

(Type: TIS-MK1; Model: TIS800023000)


CSF Vietnam

Model: MAN 50-1/AA.EXT00

Progressive Cavity Pump Type: KMAN0 ; AISI 304

CSF Vietnam

Model: MAE 50-2/AA.T32

Progressive Cavity Pump Type: KMAE0 ; AISI 304

CSF Vietnam

Model: MAE 65-4/AA.T32

Progressive Cavity Pump Type: KMAE0 ; AISI 304


NADI Vietnam

Model: C28I60D0B V***

Solenoid Valve

NADI Vietnam

Model: C90I60D0C V***

Solenoid Valve (replace obsolete P/N V9019.F.I)

NADI Vietnam

Model: C28I60D0C  V***

Solenoid Valve

NADI Vietnam

Model: C90I60D0C V***

Solenoid Valve


RS Automation/ RS OEMax Vietnam

Replaced by: CSD7_01BX1

SERVO Drive, ANALOG BASIC,100W,220VAC,50/60Hz

Note: For CSD5 series, it has been already discontinued and RSA advised to use CSD7 series instead of it



IFM Vietnam

Code: IG0087



Fine Suntronix Vietnam

Model: JSF35-24

Power Supply


MEIH Vietnam

Model: MH1210A – 220V

Digital temperature controller


P+F Vietnam

Model: NBB2-12GM50-E2-V1

Inductive Sensor


P+F Vietnam

Model: VS18/VSE18-M-LAS/32/40a/76a/82b/118

Thru-beam Sensor Including:

1) Receiver VSE18-M-LAS/32/40a/82b/118

2) Emitter  VS18-M-LAS/76a/118


IMO Vietnam

Model: DPS-1-120-24DC

Power Supply 90-265VAC Input, 24V DC Output 120 Watts 5A


Watlow Vietnam

Model: C1E14-L12

Catridge Insection heaters

Description 1: FR 120/25 D-STK; Product Class: FC

Product Sub Class:WS; Product Standard: STANDARD

Metrix Vietnam

Code: 5550-421-381

Mechanical Vibration Switch; Hazard Rating - ATEX, IECEx Flame Proof, Ex d IIB + H2, T6; Contacts – DPDT; Full Scale Range - 5 g

Reset Coil & Start Up Delay - 24 VDC, 3.0A - 10g / 2.5A - 5g / 1.2A - 2g (If C=2, unit may not be mounted horizontally)

Wiring Entry/Mounting Plate - M20 X 1.5;  METRIX 5078 / 365

Environmntal Rating - NEMA 4X, IP 66


Balluff Vietnam


BES 516-131-S4-C Inductive Sensors

Balluff Vietnam


BCC M415-0000-1A-003-PX0434-020 Connectivity


Celduc Vietnam

Code: SO941460

12A/12-280Vac/Ctrl 3-32Vdc/Led/Regulated Input

Solid State Relay


PILZ Vietnam


PSEN 1.1p-20/8mm/ 1 switch


thong tin lien he ThienSTC