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RMV-40 - RMV-45 - RMV-55 - RMV-55P - RMV-60 - RMV-70 - SCREWJACKS RMV - Bộ truyền động - Marzorati Việt Nam - Song Thành Công Việt Nam

  • Tải lên tới 1100KN


  • Tỷ lệ 3: 1


  • 4 kích cỡ lắp đặt


Ngoài ra công ty Song Thành Công còn cung cấp và phân phối các dòng thiết bị công nghiệp hóa tự động khác:



MTS Sensor Vietnam

Part No.: 560885

Conn, 5 Pin Female M12

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Part No.: 560884

Connector, male, str. 5pin M12

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Part No.: 560886

Conn, 4 Pin M8

GE IP Vietnam

Code: IC755CSS12CDB


ILME Vietnam

Model: CAO 16 L21

Sleeve housing

high, size 77.27, aluminum, 2 bolts, 1xPG21 sideways

ILME Vietnam

Model: CDFA 0.7

Socket contact ; 0.75mm², Silver, Crimpa., 10A, Series CD

ILME Vietnam

Model: CDDF 72

Socket insert, size 77.27, 72P + PE, Crimpa., 10A, 250V

Raytek Vietnam


-20 to 500°C (-4 - 932°F) range, 1 m (3.3 ft.) cable, 18Mx1 metric threaded SS housing

Endurance Vietnam

Code: E2ML-F2-L-1-0

(replacement of 3G-10C05-0-0-0-0)

250 to 1100°C (482 to 2012°F) 160:1 D:S

600mm - ∞  (24” - ∞) Manual Variable Focus

Sighting : Laser through the lens and Visible through the lens

Harsh environment option - Air purge and integrated water cooling

Communications: Ethernet network communications interface with installed M12 fieldbus connector and built-in HTTP-Server server (Gives you ASCII, Ethernet, video, webserver)

Special note:  Purchase 3rd Party display (red Lion) and 100M cables in Vietnam (16 AWG 12 core cable)

Endurance Vietnam


Protective front window (includes O-Ring)

Delta Sensor/ Erinda Vietnam

Type: DTS240-SR

Weld Hole Detector

Supply voltage 24VDC - 50 Hz, Supplied with 2 meter cable

Delta Sensor/ Erinda Vietnam

Type: EMR-M400

Weld Hole Light Source

Supply voltage 24VDC - 50 Hz ; Supplied with 2 meter cable

PORA Vietnam

Model: PR-DTC-4000C


PORA Vietnam

Model: PR-DTC-3000


SPG Vietnam

Model: S9I40GXH-V12

Control Speed Motor

SPG Vietnam

Model: S9KB60BH

Gear Head

MOXA Vietnam

Model: AWK-3131A-EU

Industrial 802.11a/b/g/n Access Point, EU Band, -25°C to 60°C

Valcom Vietnam

Model: VCCP-A3-1500Pa(abs)WS-C10KPAG3-SE-4

Supply of Valcom VCCP series Pressure Transmitter  

VCCP:  High Vacuum Pressure Transmitter

A3:  Output 4~20mA (4 wire system)

1500Pa(abs):  Calibration Rated capacity

WS:  Waterproof connector (Straight type) + Cable 2m

C10KPA:  Rated Capacity 10kPa (abs)

G3:  Connection thread: G3/8

S:  Pressure Port Material SUS316L (Case: SUS304)

E:  O-ring Material EPDM

4:  Power DC24V (±10%)

Coltraco Vietnam

Part No.: 2290334-COMX

Portalevel™ MAX ; Flagship 8th Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator

Ero Electronic Vietnam

Temperature Controllers Standard Model: LFS832143000

Note 1: LFS8321430/S  is customizable version not available for sale. You can sell the standard version, LFS832143000, if your customer agrees

Note 2: just the overlay is different and customized for this customer. The rest is the same.

Metrix Vietnam

Code: 5485C-004

Velocity Sensor - 375°C max., connector version

Metrix Vietnam

Code: 4850-040

Cable Assembly - High Temperature ( 5485)

Motrona/Electro-Sensors Vietnam

Internal P/N: 800-006139

Frequency to Voltage Converter Model: UF252

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: GHM0050MD601A0

Temposonics® G-Series ; Stroke length: 50mm

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Part No.: 201542-2


Bentone Vietnam

Code: 760005176901

BG450-2 ; Gas burner BG450-2 control LGB, gas valve 412

Bentone Vietnam

Code: 0092091002

MOTOR 450W 1F 230V 50/60Hz

Checkline Vietnam

Model: BTM-400PLUS

Belt Tension Meter, Measuring Range: 10 - 800 Hz

Uses a pulsed ruby red light source to measure the natural

Frequency; 9V Battery (supplied)

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RHM0700MR021A01

Position sensor ; Temposonics® R-Series



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