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SAHT-GSP-FE-C10 - Gas Sample Probe Element - Đầu dò có bộ lọc - Seah Hightech Việt Nam - Song Thành Công Việt Nam

Mark-10 Vietnam

Code: G1106

Vise grip, self-centering

Mark-10 Vietnam

Code: G1018-1

Swivel adapter, #10-32M to #10-32F

Mark-10 Vietnam

Code: G1018-2

Swivel adapter, 5/16-18M to 5/16-18F

Mark-10 Vietnam

Code: G1077

Clevis grip, 5/16-18F

Mark-10 Vietnam

Code: G1098

Loop tack fixture, 5/16-18F

Mark-10 Vietnam

Code: G1076

Wire terminal grip, turret style, 5/16-18F

Mark-10 Vietnam

Code: G1085

Dual roller grip, adjustable, 5/16-18F

Mark-10 Vietnam

Code: G1061

Wedge grip, 0.75” jaw width, 5/16-18F

Hitrol Vietnam

HR-30V-3F, L:1000

Level switch for NaOH 31% and HCL 31%, 3-SPST, flange size 4', PVC

Hitrol Vietnam

HR-30V-3F, L:1200

Level switch for NaOH 31% and HCL 31%, 3-SPST, flange size 4', 150#, PVC


Model: LF-30

Part Feeder


Model: C4-5B


BELIMO Vietnam

Model: SM24A-SR

Modulating damper actuator

BELIMO Vietnam

Model: GM24A-SR

Modulating damper actuator

BELIMO Vietnam

Model: GM24A

Damper actuator

E+H Vietnam

Model: 7F2B50-AABCCA1AASK + AA

E+H Vietnam


Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: ESM1500FG

Test Stand

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RHM0600MD601A01

Position Sensor; Stroke length: 600mm

Jiaoda Tongyuan Vietnam

Type: ZJ25W-1

Boiler grate stepless Transmission

Note: báo giá theo nameplate sales gửi

CS-Instrument Vietnam

Part No.: 06000510

Portable dew point meter DP 510 with external sensor input


_Portable dew point meter DP 510 with one additional sensor input (05600510)

_Mobile measuring chamber up to 16 bar (06994490)

_Diffusion-tight teflon hose 1 m with fast coupling at both ends (05540003)

_Power supply for DP 500/510 (05540009)

_Control and calibration set 11.3% RH (05540002)

_Quick-lock coupling (05301101)

_Dry container for CS dew point sensors (06992500)

_Transportation case (big) for DP 510 as well as further sensors (05546510)



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