Self Testing Static Grounding Solutions For Mobile Vehicles

Newson Gale supplies an innovative range of static mobile grounding solutions including a patented truck mountable ground verification system, a portable hose continuity tester and many other accessories essential to providing grounding protection for trucks and personnel operating in locations where standard grounding systems are not available to provide protection from electrostatic ignition hazards.


  • Truck mounted static grounding verification for trucks operating in environments and locations where rack mounted grounding systems are not available to ground the truck.
  • Portable hose continuity tester for ensuring hoses used in the field are not at risk of statics sparks due isolated metal couplings, bonding wires and metal helixes.
  • Ground rod kit for locations where buried man-made structures are not present to test as grounding points for trucks.
  • Bonding devices which monitor the bonding connections of equipment like portable pumps and compressors to grounded trucks.

Earth-Rite® MGV

Mobile Static Grounding System



Intrinsically Safe Hose Continuity Tester


Grounding Kit

Portable Static Grounding Kit