WDGI-58B-10-10000-ABN-F24-S5-Encoder-Bo-ma-hoa-Wachendorff-viet-nam-song-thanh-cong-viet-namthong tin lien he thienstc 2

WDGI-58B-10-10000-ABN-F24-S5 - Encoder - Bộ mã hóa - Wachendorff Việt Nam - Song Thành Công Việt Nam

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DTX-1000

Tension Meter

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DTX-2000

Tension Meter

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DTX-2500

Tension Meter

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DTX-4000

Tension Meter

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DTS-1000

Tension Meter

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DTS-2000

Tension Meter

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DTS-2500

Tension Meter

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DTS-4000

Tension Meter

FLIR Vietnam

Code: 118672

FLIR E53  Infrared Camera -20/650 C wifi complete in case

and software  (The E 40 is discontinued)

Note: Battery type: Li-ion battery, charged in camera or on separate charger

DEA Vietnam

Model: DF9011

Speed Monitor

DEA Vietnam

Model: DF9032/03/03

Thermal Expansion Monitor

Chenpeng Vietnam

Model: CP3000-A

Máy trộn nguyên liệu

Eurotherm Vietnam


EPower™ Controller

Bircher Vietnam

Article No.: 260508

PrimeTec B ES Black, Combined Technology, Motion & Present Detector

Tempa Pano Vietnam

TEK 600x48Ux1200mm (WxHxD)

19" Floor Standing Rack Cabinet

Perforated (Honeycomb) Front & Back Door with Doublebit Swinghandle Lock ; System ; Screwable Side Panels

h=100mm plinth + castors (lockable)

c/w 8 pcs. fans on the roof

Cover plate on the roof

c/w 2 sets of 19" adjustable depth profile

c/w 1 set of cage-nut (100 pcs.)

c/w earthing cable connection for doors and side panels,

c/w bottom with brushed and plain plates

Colour: RAL 9005w (Black)

Accessory: Included Wheel and Fans

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: GHM0150MR021A0

Temposonics® G-Series ; Stroke length: 300 mm

CHINO Vietnam

Model: DB1050B000-GOA

Digital Indicating Controller

CHINO Vietnam

Model: KP1050CODN-GOA

Digital Program Controller




thong tin lien he thienstc