WS12EX-2000-420T-L10-M4-KAB2M - Cảm biến vị trí - ASm Sensors Việt Nam - Song Thành Công Việt Nam.png

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WS12EX-2000-420T-L10-M4-KAB2M - Cảm biến vị trí - ASM Sensors Việt Nam - Song Thành Công Việt Nam

ASM Sensor Vietnam

Model: CLMD2-AJ2C8P01750

ASM Sensor Vietnam

Model: CLMD2-AJ2C8P01500

Rexroth/Aventics Vietnam

Code: R900424906 

2FRM-16-3X/160L Flow control valve

Yokogawa Vietnam

Model: YS1700-120

Thiết bị điều khiển

Bosch Rexroth Vietnam

Code: R900443484

Pressure reducing valve, direct operated

ZDR 10 DB2-5X/210YM

Bosch Rexroth Vietnam

Code: R900957530

4WEH32 J6X/6EG24N9ETS2K4/B10

4WEH32 J6X/6EG24N9ETS2K4/B10

Bosch Rexroth Vietnam

Code: R900433032

Check valves, pilot operated Z2S 22 A1-5X/

Det-Tronics Vietnam

Code: U5015A2M12F

SMOKE DETECTOR P/N. 012500-16 (replace for 30-0013A2M12F)

Metrix Vietnam

Code: 5485C-008

Velocity Sensor - 375°C max., connector version

Miki Pulley Vietnam

Model: M3-E1-A 380/50

Stepless Speed Changers

MOXA Vietnam

Model: ICF-1170I-M-ST

Industrial CAN-to-fiber converters

Berthold Vietnam

Code: 55067-100

Connection Cable for GAMMAcast Detectors, 10 m Length with 10 m Heat Protection Hose, Straight PlugProtect Connection and HeavyCon Plug

Blackshields Vietnam

Code: AC1000

Tủ điều hòa Note: báo giá theo nameplate

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DX2-200

Tension meter

ESA Vietnam

Model: VT155W00000

HMI Monitor

Vaisala Vietnam

Code: HM70 D4E1A0FB

Hand-held humidity and Temperature meter

Indicator with Us AC-Adapter

Indicator accessories: MI70LINK software with USB cable (219687)

Probe type: HMP77B (chemical purge and sensor preheating)

Calibration Certificate At Room Temperature

No Probe accessories ; No Transmitter connection cable

soft carrying case for MI70 and short probe (HMP75/77) (MI70SOFTCASE) ; English User´s Guide HM70

ROSSI Vietnam

MR CI 100 UO3A - 38x300 - 15,7

Helical bevel geared motor Catalog G ; Version V6

Without Motor

ROSSI Vietnam

MR V 40 UO3A - 14x160 - 16

Worm geared motor A Cat. ; Type B3-B8

Without Motor

Ziehl-Abegg Vietnam

Model: GR28C-2DD.3I.CR_160800

Ventilation module ; No: 160800

SAIMO Vietnam

Model: PL50-2D (PL 50-2D)

Belt Rip Detector



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