Nabertherm Vietnam Hole with ceramic tube 40mm inner dia incl. insulating plug
Pilz Vietnam PN0Z s3
750 103
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055253
EO9905.81 AC50/60HZ220-240V1,5-30S
Huba control Vietnam Temperature Transmitters
Replaced by: 510.931S03150
(Model: 501.931103141)
Áp suất 0-16 bar, nguồn cấp 12-33VDC, ren lắp đặt G1/4
GE Fanuc Vietnam The ACC414 is a long term battery for the VersaMax Micro 20, 23, 28, 40 and 64 point CPUs. The battery will backup up to 7 years
Code: IC200ACC414
KIKUSUI Vietnam PAN60-20A 
Yaskawa Vietnam AC Servo Pack
Model: SGDV-5R5A01A
Spec: 750 Watts, AC 200 – 240 V, Single phase, 50 / 60HZ
Weight: 2 KGS per unit
Prestolifts Vietnam Flow Control Valve
Part No.: B211RC-A
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: V33-2104D
Model: ASK 541.4 500/5A 2,5VA Kl.0,2s
Ebm Papst VietNam R3G400-AA21-36 
Long Kui Vietnam Capacitors
Model: BSMJ 0.4-40-1
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055377
EO9954.82 AC50/60HZ 230V 0,05-1S
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055409
EO9983.76 AC50/60HZ 240V
Tempsens Vietnam (C 12 X 7 BSP 1/2” BSP 1/2” 50 (mm) 280 (mm))
Tempsens Make Threaded Straight Thermowell(Drilled Bar Stock): Material: SS-316, ODxID: 11(+1/-0 mm)x6.5(+/-0.5 mm), Instrument Connection: 1/2" BSP(F), Process Connection: 1/2" BSP(M), "T" Length: 50mm, Insertion Length(U): 280mm, Total Length: 330mm, Other details as per our enclosed drawing no.: 494330
Note: Check GA Drawing
ODES Vietnam Model: SRM-101
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055393
EO9954.82 DC24V 0,5-10S
Fomindustrie Vietnam VALVE AC-7120
Code: BT-72909
Pilz Vietnam Relays, functional safety
PNOZ 10 24 VAC 6n/o 4n/c
Code: 774000
Commodity code: 85364190
(Contact relay:8NO,1NC.
 -PZE10:Input voltage:240Vac-Output:24Vdc)
Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments Vietnam OPTION: SOLVENT/ NON SOLVENT ANALYSIS CALIBRATION KIT
P/n: 100367
TD-500 D Field Calibration Kit  Includes all lab measurement supplies 50-80 Calibrations
Bernstein Vietnam MONTAGEPL. CA-230            K
Art. No.: 9511095000
Novotechnik Vietnam Code: TMI-0350-002-421-203
KIKUSUI Vietnam PMX35-3A 
Ebm Papst VietNam G1G144-AF25-10
YSI Vietnam Dissolved Oxygen/Conductivity/Salinity Temperature Handheld
Model: Pro2030
Item No.: 6052030
Testo Vietnam NS TESTO
Code: 0430 0941
0635 9540 has been discontinued
Model: DS-PG-21
Bernstein Vietnam OR12RT-DHTP-0200-SLE         C
Art. No.: 6557955001
Resplendence S. & T. Beijing Vietnam Correct: SWP-C803-02-12-HL
(Model: SWP-C80
4 - 20mA/0-10Mpa)
Saginomiya Vietnam Control Switch
Order No: SNS-C130X
Model: SWH-G02-B2-A220-10
Elco Vietnam EB58C10-P4PR-1024.9H0100
Ebm Papst VietNam R3G400-AA21-35 
Balluff Vietnam Micro Transducers
Model: BTL5-E10-M1600-P-S32
E2S VietNam - Song Thành Công Đại Lý - STC VietNam Autho Model: A100DC24R
Alarm Sounder
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 50-2100
Model: CTB 51.35 200/5A 1,5VA Kl.0,5
Microprocesscontrols Vietnam 4” Dial Glycerin Filled Vac. Gauge
Model: 100S-GF-S66-DB-12N
Dial Size: 100mm
Connection Screwed: ½” NPT (M)
Connection Material: Stainless Steel AISI 316
Mouting: Direct With Bottom Entry
Case Damping Fluid: Glycerin
Weight: 0.800 Kgs
Range: 0-6 Kg/cm2
Wuxi Hailin Vietnam Model: SWP-8035
Ross Vietnam Solenoid valve
Model: D2771C6032
Note: cần confirm electrical voltage khi đặt hàng
Mark-10 Vietnam Replaced by: Force gauge
Model: M5-50
1 set including:
Carrying case, chisel, cone, V-groove, hook, flat, extension rod, universal voltage AC adapter 110V , battery, quick-start guide, USB cable, resource CD (USB driver, MESURTM Lite software, MESURTMgauge DEMO software, and user's guide), NIST-traceable certificate of calibration with data
0.5 x 0.0002 lb, 250 x 0.1 gF, 2.5 x 0.001 N, 110V)
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055241
EO9905.81 AC50/60HZ 48V 0,15-3S
Puls Vietnam Power Supply
Order No: QT20.241
Nominal Voltage: 3AC 400VAC  
Input Voltage Range: 380 to 480 VAC
Nominal Freq.Range: 47 to 63Hz
Efficiency: typ.92.5%
Inrush Peak Current max: less 33
Housing: Aluminium
Protection Housing: IP 20
Output Voltage: 24 to 28DC +/-2% adjustable
Residual Ripple: Less 0.1%
Ampere: 20 Amp
Delta Sensor Vietnam Z3-JB-SP-24VDC
Hot Metal Detector
IXYS Vietnam Thyristor Modules
Correct Model: MCC21-14io8B
E2S VietNam - Song Thành Công Đại Lý - STC VietNam Autho Model: GNAR3SFM20050NPT
Gland adaptor M20 / 1/2" NPT Stainless Steel
Pilz Vietnam Relays, functional safety
PNOZ XV2.1 30/24-240VACDC 2n/o 2n/o t
Code: 774550
Commodity code: 85364900
KIKUSUI Vietnam PAN16-30A 
Woonyoung Vietnam Correct: WY42-1KAW
Weight : about 12.3kg
KIKUSUI Vietnam PAT250-32T 
Pilz Vietnam Safety gate components
PSEN ix1 Interface for 4 PSEN 1
Code: 535120
Commodity Code: 85389091