Bihl+Wiedemann VietNam BW2556
Crouzet - Crydom - Bei Vietnam MHK5-D2B1B-1213-B150-0CC
Asco Vietnam Asco Solenoid Valve WT8551A001MS
Note: check kĩ khách hàng về điện áp tiêu chuẩn AC/DC
MEP SPA Vietnam, MEP SPA STC VietNam, STC VietNam Manual saw_FALCON 251
Heidenhain Vietnam ID: 385438-31
Microsonic Vietnam Order no.: dbk+4/Empf/M12/3BEE/ M18
Hanwoo Electric Vietnam ED-7
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0057362
IL8805.12 DC48V
EUPEC  Vietnam PEM-C4 PTB 05 ATEX 5008 / 0390827
E2S Vietnam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho BEXL15DFR016[E][M][S][V][X]
END-Armaturen Vietnam  
Ebm Papst VietNam R4E310-AK12-05
Univer VietNam J12A440130A
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 50-0176
Model: CTB 61.35 750/1A 5VA Kl.1
Electro Sensor Vietnam Code: 800-001504
Bentone Vietnam Part No.: 650001965601
Oil Burner B55-2H**; Capacity (kg/h): 14,0 - 67,0
Controls: LOA24; 3-phases, 230/400V, 50/60Hz, 2-stage
Festo Vietnam Complete Model: SME-8-K-LED-24
Part number: 150855 (SME-8-K-24V)
Proximity Sensor
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055925
HA5611.52/001 DC24V (/2543B3)
Crouzet - Crydom - Bei Vietnam Code: 84130105
Allen Bradley Vietnam Code: 1492-SPM2C060
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 28222
Model: ASK 412.4 500/1A 2,5VA Kl.0,5
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0054440
EC9621.81/03 DC24V 0,1-999,9M
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 50-0195
Model: CTB 81.35 800/5A 5VA Kl.1
Re-Spa Vietnam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho ReVision II plus GT
Leine & Linde Vietnam 690777-01
NSD Vietnam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho NCV-20NGNLW
Bernstein Vietnam KIB-M30PS/010-KLS12T         C
Art. No.: 6502939006
Akorm Vietnam, Akorm STC VietNam, STC VietNam SI-200T   
Slim Thermocouple Converter
Aii1 VietNam, Aii1 STC VietNam, Song Thành Công VietNam Oxygen Sensor_GPR-11-917-M_Aii (Advanced Instrument Inc)
EUPEC  Vietnam Code: T588N16TOF
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: V14-1604D
Model: ASK 31.4 150/5A 2,5VA Kl.0,2s
Dosatronic Vietnam Electrolyte ECs2.1/Gel for CS2.3, CS4 100 ml
E2S VietNam - Song Thành Công Đại Lý - STC VietNam Autho GNEXVAR6-[Y]=A
Fom Vietnam CABLE 
Tyco Vietnam P/N: 517.050.051
4B-DHM Deckhead Mount (For MR901M use only)
Note: Deckhead mounting for MR501 (DHM35) is NOT AVAILABLE in market an
Sontheimer Vietnam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho HLO32/3E/Z33
Hans-schmidt Vietnam PHPSO
Tecnopress Vietnam Gasket
Code: 5008274
MTS sensor Vietnam RHM3150MD531P102
Flender Vietnam 2LP0020-7AB01-0LZ0-Z
FLENDER gear unit as Catalog MD 20.1, Type: B3SH
Größe: 08;
Type A;
Shaft seal 1:
Oil seal, shaft seal
2: Oil seal;
Fan cooling;
Nominal ratio iN = 40;
Q1Y = drive motor:
Transmission with factory certificate
DIN EN 10204-2.1;
A20 = application preservation:
Engineering, general;
B01 = climatic stress:
temperate zones,
central Europe;
B15 = internal preservation: Castrol
Alpha SP 220 S, 24 months;
B28 = exterior preservation: Tectyl
846 K-19;
B41 = coating system:
Standard, with top coat;
C00 = RAL 5015 blue;
G30 = Altitude: up to 1000 m;
G36 = installation: large rooms,
H00 = provided for petroleum (oil
is not included
H11 = oil viscosity of ISO VG 320;
Y01 = minimal
Ambient temperature:
Y02 = maximum
Ambient temperature:
Y20 = input speed n1 (1/min):
Y21 = machinery output P2
Y23 = power (kW):
{Q1Y (Q1Y)}
{Y01: -9 C}
{Y02: 35 C}
{Y20: 1475 rpm}
{Y21: 68 kW}
{Y23: 68 kW}
Service factor: 1.61
[Y23] Power P1 = 68.00 kW
[Y20] speed n1 = 1475 [min-1]
Speed n2 = 38.34 [min-1]
[Y21] power P2 = 68.00 kW
Rated output torque T2N = 27200 Nm
Cycle per hour = 100 [%]
Site: large rooms or halls (
Wind speed m> 1.4 / s)
Altitude <1000 [m]
[Y01] min. Ambient temperature: -9.00 ° C
[Y02] max. Ambient temperature: 35.00 ° C.
Engine: Other Motor
Load peaks: 1-5 [Number / h]
Operating time:> 10 [h / day]
Maximum peak torque at output shaft: 42340.96 [Nm]
Transmission type: B3SH08A40
Design basis: MD 20.1 (gearing), output
Design: A
Body material GG-20
Inom = 40 / IIST = 38,468
Wave D1: d1 = 45 m6, l3 = 80, G3 = 755 (mm)
with radial shaft seal
Wave D2: Standard shaft d2 = 130 n6; l2 = 250, G2 = 195 (mm)
with radial shaft seal
Lubrication / oil supply: Splash lubrication
with fan
Without oil, provided for: Petroleum (CLP) ISO VG 320
Oil level: Dipstick
Air filter: Standard air filter after 5125 F Type 1
Corrosion protection: according to standard preservation
Use application engineering, general
climatic stress temperate climate zone
Central European conditions
Interior preservation Castrol Alpha SP 220 S, up to 24 months
External preservation TECTYL 846 K-19
Coating system standard coating, protection coating,
temperate climate zones
Color: RAL 5015 blue
Term of protection for internal storage: up to 24.0 months
Term of protection for outdoor storage: up to 12.0 months
Corrosion protection key K. RAL
5015 blue
Operating instructions
Test certificates
with Certificate according to DIN EN 10204-2.1
Mat-PG: 82B Country code: DE
(3 stage bevel-Helical gear unit
Type: B3SH 8A, Power = 68 kw
Sr. # 4500975339. 13.001
n1 = 1500/min, n2 = 38.99/min
Instruction no. BA 3010 06.03
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0057144
Aii1 VietNam, Aii1 STC VietNam, Song Thành Công VietNam OEM-25 GB_Glove Box Oxygen Transmitter OEM Package  (A-1112C-C, GPR-11-32-M, B-3170, A-2910, A-2196)_Aii
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 85099
Model: ASK 63.6 1250/5A 15VA Kl.1
Mitsubishi Vietnam Contactor 3P 125A coil 220VAC
Code: S-N125
(S-N 125)
Univer VietNam HB510518
Ebm Papst VietNam W4E350-CA06-02 
Samwon - Woonyoung Vietnam  
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0053831
CA3056.01/100 AC/DC48V
Booster Vietnam, Booster STC VietNam, Song Thành Công VietNam BO-500G
Moxa Vietnam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho EDS-308-MM-ST-T