Máy đo độ ẩm để xác định độ ẩm còn lại của sợi bobbins, cuộn vải, sợi, sợi xơ, v.v. Máy đo độ ẩm dệt cầm tay với màn hình tương tự

Special Features

Easy to use textile moisture meter TEM-I for many applications and quick measurements
Multiple scale for direct readings for wool, rayon and cotton, as well as 0 – 100 scale for comparison tables used for other materials like Polyester, Polyamide and many material mixtures
A wide choice of needles, knifes, rollers and surface electrodes for many applications
High accuracy and reproducibility

Available Models

Model Description  
TEM-I Moisture meter with standard accessories (complete)  
TEM Moisture meter without standard accessories (only display unit)  
TEM HM Moisture meter without standard accessories und additional surface electrode  
DHT-3 Moisture meter with standard accessories and digital display


Measuring ranges: Wool: 8 to 24.5% moisture content
Rayon: 3 to 23% moisture content
Cotton: 2 to 12% moisture content
Comparison measurement: 0 – 100 scale
Battery: 9 V E-block
Weight net (gross): Approx. 900 g (1300g)
Dimensions: 200 x 250 x 70 mm (LxWxH)