Ebm Papst VietNam G1G146-CC31-09 
Bernstein Vietnam OR05RT-DATP-01.2-3DE         C
Art. No.: 6557875003
Ebm Papst VietNam G1G170-AB31-03
Elco Vietnam EB58C10-P4PR-1024
Ebm Papst VietNam R3G400-AD15-13 
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055276
EO9905.81/03 DC110-127V 1,5-30S
Bernstein Vietnam PA-V-PERFECT PG9             K
Art. No.: 9432292000
Gestra Vietnam LRG16-40 (LRG 16-40)
Part no: 3772743
Check length, here: L = 200mm
weight: approx 2,5 KG / PCS
Aignep Vietnam Model: 5504000011
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 16010
Model: ASK 51.4 150/5A 2,5VA Kl.0,5
Aignep Vietnam Model: 5590500007
Ebm Papst VietNam W2S130-AA03-46
KIKUSUI Vietnam PAT650-61.5TMX 
E2S VietNam - Song Thành Công Đại Lý - STC VietNam Autho Model: IS-MB1-R/R
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055183
EO7860.82 AC/DC24V 0,05M-10H
Manometer Vietnam Type: PKOe 100-2
(BKOE 100-2
0- 6bar)
AB-diaphragm pressure gauge
acc. to general info. 3000
and data sheet 3300/3390
accuracy 1,6% f.s.
case diameter 100 mm
bottom connection carbon steel
oil filled
special configuration:
magnetic contact
acc. to data sheet 9.1000
type: M 11, HZ
Note: Clearly check model with Ms Ha
KIKUSUI Vietnam 929-100M 
Oriental Motor Vietnam MOTOR DC OUTPUT 3 W
Model: PK545-A
Nissei Vietnam Nissei Gearmotor. Ratio: 30
Model: GFM-15-30-T60WT
(GT F N 12 30 T60W)
3ph, 380V, 50hz, 60w
Weight: 3kgs
Ebm Papst VietNam W4D450-HA10-09 
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055165
EO7512.32 DC48V 0,2-30S
Bernstein Vietnam OR12RT-DHTP-01.2-SLE         C
Art. No.: 6557955002
KIKUSUI Vietnam KHA1000 
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055385
EO9954.82 AC50/60HZ 24V 0,5-10S
DSE Hibox Vietnam SPARK PLUG  L41xW25xD11 (mm)
Note: Khong cung cap duoc
Bernstein Vietnam OT30RT-DDAP-0500-CE          C
Art. No.: 6557005006
Flowserve Vietnam LOGIX 3200 MD-28-D6-M-04-40-OG-00 
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055394
EO9954.82 DC24V 1,5-30S
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055216
EO7864.81 AC/DC42V
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055223
EO7864.82 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
Ebm Papst VietNam R3G400-AC13-30 
Ebm Papst VietNam R3G355-AN31-61 
Bernstein Vietnam KIN-M30PS/015-KL2            C
Art. No.: 6932908001
Top-Air Vietnam Motor
Model: TAM4-010
Alpha Pompe Vietnam Alphair Pneumatic Actuator only with optical position indicator
Type: AP032
(Serial No.: 08045505)
Weight:  0.5kg
(Check catalogue)
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055189
EO7863.81 AC/DC24V 0,05-1S
Ebm Papst VietNam W2K121-AA01-40
Novotechnik Vietnam SP-2801-100-002-001 83428
ART.-NR.: 019522
Norgren Vietnam Straight Stem connector-Brass
Code: 100220800
Ebm Papst VietNam W2S130-AA01-16 
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 15300
Model: ASK 541.4 75/1A 2,5VA Kl.0,5
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 50-0136
Model: CTB 51.35 1000/1A 5VA Kl.1
Nabertherm Vietnam Model: N 120/85HA
with controller B 150
(Model: N120/80HA)
Technical specification:
- Inner dimensions: 450 x 600 x 450 mm (wxdxh)
- Inner dimensions: 450 x 600 x 450 mm (wxdxh)
- Outer dimensions: 767 + 255 x 1350 x 1500 mm (WxDxH)
- Volume: 120 litres
- Temperature uniformity: ΔT 8K according to DIN 17052 inside the empty useable dimensions
- Weight: 310 kg
- Power rating: 13,6 kW
- Supply voltage: 400V 3/PE 50Hz, fuse protection without
    earth-leakage breaker
- Max. operating temperature: 850 °C
Burkert Vietnam Burkert type 2000
Size: DN 25
ID: 001248
Airtac Vietnam Cylinder
Model: SC 50 x 250-S-H
Bernstein Vietnam OR20RT-MAR5-0600-ALET        C
Art. No.: 6557686001
Bernstein Vietnam DATENSTECKVER.EINS.SUB-D9/15 K
Art. No.: 9421308000
CML Vietnam Valve
Model: WE43-G02-C2-A220
FELM Vietnam Motor Type: F3-315LX KW160 P4 B3
Motor KW160 P4 B3