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FRS-515 - Part no: 058446 - Bộ điều áp - Dungs Việt Nam - Song Thành Công - Pressure Regulator FRS-515


Ngoài ra công ty Song Thành Công còn cung cấp và phân phối các dòng thiết bị công nghiệp hóa tự động khác:
Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam Model: RAYGPRCFW
GPR Close Focus sensing head  with 8 - 14 micron spectral response, 3mm (.1") spot size at 76mm (3") distance
Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam Model: RAYGPC
GPC panel-mount meter with standard 5 VDC alarm outputs
Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam Model: XXXGPACFB
GPC mounting bracket for sub-panel mounting of monitor
Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam Model: XXXTXXACAP
Air purge collar
Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam Model: XXXTXXACPA
Pipe adapter (Sighting Tubes listed below can be attached to this)
Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam Model: XXXTXXACRA
Right angle mirror (for targets at right angles to sensor axis)
GE/Bently Nevada Vietnam 330103-00-04-10-01-00
Proximity Probes
Foxboro Model : IMT25-PEATB10N
Vietnam IMT25 Transmitter
AVID Model : 791N024DWD1MN00
Vietnam Solenoid Valve
IFM Vietnam Code: IF0003
Description: Inductive sensor
IFM Vietnam Code: IG0006
Description: Inductive sensor
IFM Vietnam Code: MR0100
Description: T-slot cylinder sensor with reed contact
RS Automation  Vietnam Code: V808iCH2p
TOUCH-PANEL; 7.5inch, Ethernet, Handy, AnyTouch
Wise Control  Vietnam Code:  P7318ALKKLI026CX0
Flat type flange process connection diaphragm seal
Kubler Vietnam 8.5000.8354.1000
Incremental encoder, Clamping flange, IP65, 10mm solid shaft, push-pull with inverted signals, 10-30VDC supply,M12 8 pin radial plug, 1000ppr
Vietnam Intelligent positioner
ADFweb Vietnam Code: HD67056-B2-160
ADFweb Vietnam Code: APW160
Description : power supply
Atlas Copco Vietnam 2901170100
Roto Xtend Duty Fluid 20 l Roto Xtend Du
Emerson/Rosemout Model : 3051S2TG3A2E11A1AD1E5Q4Q8QT
Vietnam Transmitter
Emerson/Rosemout Model : 3144PD1A1E5M5C4Q4
Vietnam Transmitter
Emerson/Rosemout Correct Model : 3051TG3A2B21BE5M5Q4HR5
Vietnam (3051TG3A2B21BE5M5Q4) Transmitter
Emerson/Rosemout Vietnam Model : 3051S2CD2A2B12A1BD1E5M5Q4Q81199WDAB4AFFW72DA00+1199MDE53AFFWG2DA00


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