max. Capacity 50 N

For testing the texture of food. To control the quality, safety, hardness and feeling of food

low cost device

Test stand with digital output signal for data processing with a PC

Special Features

easy operation
Various feeler are available for test stand FCA-DSV-50N
Easy Cleaning
2 operation modes:
real time – display the actual tension or compression force
peak force – to measure the peak force during a test
Force gauge DSV with high sampling rate of 1000 times/sec to measure the peak force
Display update 8 times/sec
Storage of 1000 values, which can be recalled:
– on the display
– data transfer to a PC
Output signal:
– RS-232 C
Force gauge DSV with user switchable units: N, gf (kgf) and ozf (lbf)
Programmable hight/low set-points for go/no-go testing: Display: good (OK)
»Zero Set« to zero the gauge in all operating positions
Free Manufacturers calibration report is included

Available Models

Model Capacity Description Standard Measuring Probes  
FCA-50N-1 50 N manual Disk probe  
FCA-50N-2 50 N manual Wedge probe  
FRTS 5 N, 50 N or 100 N motorized Disk probe, wedge probe
sphere probe, conical probe
Accuracy: ±0.2 % full scale ±1 digit
Measuring units: N, kgf, lbf
Display: LCD 4 digits
Overload capacity: 200 % full scale,
alarm signal at 90 % full scale,
alarm signal and flashing display at 110 % full scale
Plug gauge: M4 male thread
Memory: Internal memory for max. 1000 readings
Sampling rate: 1000 times/sec
A/D converter: 16 bit
Max. sample height: 80 mm (distance between table and sample holder)
Stroke: Max. 45 mm
Output signal: USB, RS-232 C
Low battery indicator: Display flashes
Power supply: Rechargeable NiMH batteries (approx. 30 h continuous use without background light, approx. 14 h with background light,
approx. 4.5 h charging time). Charging occurs with AC adapter or by connection via USB cable to a PC or a mobile battery
Temperature range: 5 – 45 °C
Air humidity: Max. 85 % RH
Weight: Approx. 3 kg
Dimensions: 178 x 175 x 296 mm (LxWxH)