EDS-205A-Unmanaged-Switch-bo-chuyen-mach-cong-nghiep-Moxa-viet-nam-song-thanh-cong-viet-nam-loai-khong-quan-ly-cam-va-chay-Unmanaged-Ethernet-switch-with-5 10100BaseTX-ports-10-to-60-C-operating-temperature-marketing-stcthong tin lien he ThienSTC 2

EDS-205A - Unmanaged Switch - Bộ chuyển mạch công nghiệp loại không quản lý - Moxa Việt Nam - Song Thành Công Việt Nam


Ngoài ra công ty Song Thành Công còn cung cấp và phân phối các dòng thiết bị công nghiệp hóa tự động khác:



AZBIL Viet nam

Model: HPX-EG00-1S-L02

Digital Fiber Optic Sensor

KANSAI Viet nam

Model: KF-805N-04

Level Switch ; same with SER NO: 1404207

JIS10K100A/PVC Rope: SUS304 Weight: SUS304; L: 6700mm

L1=800tON, L2=1800tON, L3=3300tON, L4: 6250tON

Output: AC250V 1A (AC125V 0.1mAlDC5V 5mA)

Zamh & Nagels Viet nam

Code: 1030


Tokyo Keiki Viet Nam

UFP-20 _ Portable ultrasonic flow-meter _ (Including Following Items) _ Main Unit UFP-20 (Operational temp ; -10 ℃~ +50 ℃ )   (1pc) _Battery (1pc) _AC Adopter (2Pin Plug / AC 90 to 264V) (1pc) _User's Manual (1pc)

Tokyo Keiki Viet Nam

Accessories for Main unit _Protection cover for main unit (1pc) _Couplant (1pc) _Analog Output Cable (1pc) _Carrying case for standard component (1pc) _Carrying case for Large transducers (1pc)

Tokyo Keiki Viet Nam

Thickness Function parts_Thickness/Acoustic velocity measuring probe (1pc) _Test Piece (for Thickness / Acoustic Velocity Measuring) (1pc)

Tokyo Keiki Viet Nam

Sensor Kit 2 (DN20mm~DN500mm) _Medium Transducers (Operational Temp; -20℃ ~ +120℃) (1 pair) _Mounting Fixture (Type 1+2+Z) (1set)  _Transducer Cable (PE Sheath / 7m / Operational Temp; -20℃ ~ +65℃) (1pair)

Tokyo Keiki Viet Nam

Sensor Kit 5 (DN13mm~DN50mm) _Small Transducers (Operational Temp; -20℃ ~ +120℃) (1 pair) _Small Transducers (Operational Temp; -20℃ ~ +120℃) (1 pair) _Mounting Fixture (1 set) _Transducer Cable (PE Sheath / 7m / Operational Temp; -20℃ ~ +65℃) (1 pair)

TKK Vietnam

Sensor Kit 7 (DN300mm~DN5000mm)  _Large Transducers (Operational Temp; -20℃ ~ +80℃) (1 pair) _Mounting Fixture (Magnet Type) (1 set) _Transducer Cable (PE Sheath / 7m / Operational Temp; -20℃ ~ +65℃) (1 pair)

Tokyo Keiki Viet Nam

Flow meter

Model: UFW-100 (1 path system DN25-60mm)

Including Following Items)

UFW-100 Main Unit

- 1 Analog output

- 1 Relay output (Totalizing or Alarm) 

- 1 Digital output

Transducers (RG-223U Cable excluded) (1pair)

Mounting Fixture (Standard type) (1pair)

Stainless Band & Fastening Fixture (1pair)

Commissioning software (applicable by requested) (1pc)

Gauge Sheet (Applicable by Request) (1pc)

Tokyo Keiki Viet Nam

Optional Board


Analog-Input Board

Tokyo Keiki Viet Nam

Optional Board


RS-485 Output Board

Tokyo Keiki Viet Nam

Coaxial Cable

RG-223U (1pair/m)

Wilkerson Viet nam

Model: R26-C4-GH0


Keyence Viet nam

Model: FS-V11



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