100% USA Origin Allen Bradley Vietnam Model: 836-C8
100% Germany Origin Balluff Vietnam BCS00LT
100% Germany Origin Balluff Vietnam BES01AW
BES 516-324-S49-C
100% Sweden Origin HMS Vietnam Model: DP-V0 Slave AB7634-F
Anybus X-gateway Ethernet Modbus-TCP Slave-PROFIBUS
100% USA Origin Inhamotor Vietnam Model: IHB-700
Single Stage Regenerative Blowers (50 Hz); 3 Phase; 4kW.
100% Germany Origin Honsbergs Vietnam Model: FW1-020GM011
Flow Switch FW1-020GM011; Nominal width: DN 20 - G ¾
Connection type : Female thread; Connection material : Brass
Switching range H2O for horizontal inwards flow: 1 - 11 l/min
100% Germany Origin Keller Vietnam Matt No.: 1016369
Pyrometer CellaTemp PA 30 AF 1 with standard lens  PZ 20.01
integrated LED display through-the-lens sighting
Range: 500 - 2500 °C; distance ratio: 210 : 1
focusing range: 400 mm - œ; connecting cable VK 02/A
2 x analogue output: 0(4) - 20 mA
2 x switching input/output; serial interface : USB and RS 485
100% Korea Origin AKORM Vietnam Model: SCONI-ACC-B8NX
AC Current Converter SCONI-ACC-B8NX
- Input: AC 0 ~ 5A; - Output 1: DC 4 ~ 20mA
- Output 2: Not used; - Power Supply: AC 110V/220V
100% Korea Origin Wise Vietnam Model: P2522H4CDB04730
Range: 0-10kg/cm2
Series P252; ND: 63mm; Center back connection, flush, case center mounting plate, only available with diameter 63 mm
connection: 1/4"NPT;
100% Germany Origin Kuebler Vietnam Model: K8.5872.1831.G131
Standard absolute singleturn encoder, parallel, highspeed, hollow shaft 12mm, with short spring element, parallel 10...30VDC, radial 1m PVC cable, 8192 (13 bit) grey code
100% Confirm Inter Origin Insert Deal (HELYON is OEM) Vietnam Model: R121L1
Insert Deal G1/2” Brass Regulator c/w Gauge
100% Confirm Inter Origin Insert Deal (HELYON is OEM) Vietnam Model: RH2012EER00M
Mounting Bracket Kit with Ring Nut, M12101
100% Japan Origin Line Seiki Vietnam Model: RY-3: 10-4 (II)
Measuring Counter
100% Italy Origin Frer Vietnam Model: D96EVXXXX3
In. 110V,  scale  0-40,5 kV, Supply 230Vac
100% Germany Origin KIEPE Vietnam Code: 91.043 450.002
HEN 002
100% Germany Origin KIEPE Vietnam Code: 92.038 143.615
VG 133/6
100% Germany Origin E+H Vietnam Model: CPS11-2BA2ESA
100% Germany Origin E+H Vietnam Model: CMP253-PR005

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