Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055232
EO9905.81 AC50/60HZ 24V 0,05-1S
Delta Sensor Vietnam Velas DL4138 115VAC
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 15264
Model: ASK 541.4 150/1A 5VA Kl.1
KIKUSUI Vietnam TOS3200
Model: DS-PG-7
KIKUSUI Vietnam PBZ20-20 
Brunskabel Vietnam No. of cores & mm2 per conductor
Item No.: 401015012
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055442
EP5966 AC/DC24-60V UH AC24V 10S
Finetek Vietnam Model: SE120BGMA0250
Rotary paddle level switch Shaft protective tube type
Voltage: 220Vac
Mounting: 2-1/2'' flange x 5kg/cm2
Temp.: -20 ~ 70deg.C
SS paddle shape: 100x30mm
Length: 250mm
(Cảm biến quay)
Note: clearly confirm code with Ms Khoa
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055193
EO7863.81 AC/DC24V 15-300S
Elco Vietnam EB58C10-N4PR-2000
RTK Vietnam Spare parts for W.Nr.8072021/010
PV6311-K DN65 PN40 kvs49
Hole cone-group
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055428
EP5966 AC/DC110-240V UH AC230V 1S
KIKUSUI Vietnam PAN70-8A 
Xi’anZhongwei Vietnam Contactor
Model: CJ40-630
Coil 380 VAC
Bystronic Vietnam Suction Pad
Item No.: T/604107
EBM papst Vietnam Bearing
Model: 6209
Ebm Papst VietNam G1G144-AF49-70 
KIKUSUI Vietnam PAN60-6A 
Bernstein Vietnam MS-PERFECT-V. M32X1,5        K
Art. No.: 9431284000
RTK Vietnam Spare parts for W.Nr.11072544/040
PV6311-K DN40 PN63 kvs24
Port plug-group
KIKUSUI Vietnam PMX70-1A 
Bussmann Vietnam 33 516,630A,690VAC,170M5462
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055406
EO9954.82/103 AC50/60HZ 240V 3S
Delta Sensor Vietnam DC203024VDC
Hot Metal Detector
KIKUSUI Vietnam PAT500-64TM 
Ebm-Papst Vietnam Fans
Model: 7114NHR
Idec Vietnam Push Buttons
Code: ABS122NR
Ebm Papst VietNam G2E120-DG67-20 
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 15026
Model: ASK 541.4 250/5A 5VA Kl.0,5
Jingda Electrical Vietnam Cam Switch
LW5-16D/8, 500V, 16A, 8 PITCHS
Ebm Papst VietNam W2S130-AA03-21
Bernstein Vietnam MSDD METALLRAHMEN 1-FACH     K
Art. No.: 9421283000
Ebm Papst VietNam  R4E310-AF12-05 
E Inst Vietnam NPT-1 - Set of 4 NPT adaptors
Dold Vietnam Article Number: 0055161
EO7512.32 AC60HZ 230V 0,2-180S
Bernstein Vietnam OT30RT-DHTP-0200-6LE         P
Art. No.: 6557905008
Micro Process Controls Vietnam 4” Dial Weather Proof Pr. Gauge
Model: 100S-WP-S66-BCDM-14N
Range Dual Scale:
           -1 to 10 bar
           -30 to 150 psi
With 100xkPa Marking on Dial (As like Image)
Dial Size: 100 mm
Accuracy: ± 1% of FSD
Connection Screwed: ¼” NPT (M)
Mounting: Back Connection Direct Mounting
Weight: 0.600 Kgs.
XINGGUANG Vietnam JWB-X Series Stepless Speed Variator
Code: JWB-X0.75B-40D
output speed: 40rpm-200rpm
foot mountaing
output shaft diameter: ø28mm
Unit Weight:  about 45kg/set
Ebm Papst VietNam G1G146-CC31-13 
NSK Vietnam Bearing
Code: 6206ZZ
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: V33-2204H
Model: ASK 541.4 600/5A 10VA Kl.0,2s
E2S VietNam - Song Thành Công Đại Lý - STC VietNam Autho Model: BEXBG15DPDC024CS1A1R/B
Explosion Proof Xenon Beacon 15 Joule/ Blue
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 50-0108
Model: CTB 51.35 500/5A 5VA Kl.1
MBS VietNam - Song Thanh Cong Autho - STC VietNam Autho Art. Nr.: 15105
Model: ASK 541.4 300/5A 15VA Kl.0,5
Nabertherm Vietnam Door hinge on the left side
Bernstein Vietnam KIB-M12PS/002-KLS12    E     B
Art. No.: 6932943001
West Vietnam West 1/4TH din controller
Model: P4100
P/N: P4100-11000000-10
Input type: 3 wire RTD or DC mV
Option Slot 1: Relay output
Option Slot 2: Not fitted
Option Slot 3: Not fitted
Option Slot A: Not fitted
Power supply: 100-240V AC
Display colour: Red Upper & lower
Option slot B: Not fitted
Manual language, english
Packing options: Single pack with concise manual